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Author: [info]tstaewsieh
Characters: Merlin/Arthur
Ratings: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: character death (SORRY)
Summary: Both know this to be the end: of Arthur's life and Merlin's reason.
Challenge: #43 capture
Disclaimer: Merlin belongs to Shine/BBC. I own nothing except a pen and paper.
Notes: I haven't posted in... about a week and when I do decide to write something it's just depressing! IDEK.

Merlin knelt there for a while, shaking, cradling his King’s head in frail arms. Both know this to be the end: of Arthur’s life and Merlin’s reason.

They do not waste what few moments they have with tears, instead they speak of the past and try in vain to cheer the other up with humorous memories and events that brought them closer. Merlin reminds him of his poor hunting attempts.

Arthur smiles and pulls him close, resting his friend’s hand on his barely beating heart and whispers “You did manage to capture something.” A few seconds later, that something stopped.

Tags: character death, character:arthur, character:merlin, genre:angst, genre:romance, rating:pg
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